Environmental Law

Winnick Ruben Hoffnung Peabody & Mendel, LLC environmental law department takes a pro-active, results oriented approach to resolving client’s environmental legal issues.  In the area of property transfer, the firm brings buyers and sellers of commercial and industrial property together to address environmental issues in order to reach agreement on property value, classification, finances, risk assessment, liability allocation and level of cleanup.  We work with our clients to find creative solutions to remediation problems by finding sources of financing for environmental assessments, abatements and remediation, developing phased approaches to testing and remediation and working closely with all parties including the licensed environmental professional and government agencies to resolve the environmental issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Our services include drafting opinion letters on whether or not a site is an establishment within the meaning the Connecticut Transfer Act; supervising and reviewing Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments; oversight of remediation activities; negotiation of clean-up requirements with lending institutions and administrative agencies; preparing Transfer Act and ECAF filings;  advising on eligibility for various state brownfields programs; negotiating and drafting environmental land use restrictions and covenants not to sue; drafting environmental protection language for sales, lease, development and other transactional agreements; and negotiating environmental insurance policies. 

The firm offers environmental legal services in a broad range of areas, including underground storage tank spills and compliance; solid, hazardous and bio-medical waste issues; water pollutions; wetlands, groundwater and aquifer protections; lead paint issues; and land use and zoning.  Services include litigation of environmental claims in federal and state courts and before administrative and regulatory agencies; preparation of application to the various state brownfield programs for liability relief and financing; preparation of environmental permits of all types, negotiating and drafting environmental and other legal contracts, negotiating agreements with the United States Environmental Protections Agency in Superfund sites.  The firm also provides expert consultation regarding the impact of environmental law of business transactions, land use and brownfields redevelopment, environmental cleanups, contracts, related litigation, real estate transfers and construction projects.