About Our Firm

Ever since our roots were established in 1927, when those original attorneys represented individuals with basic legal problems at a fair price, we have established close and trusting relationships with our clients.  Since that time, while our firm has developed additional areas of practice to meet our clients’ increasingly diverse legal needs, our commitment to provide personalized service and value has not changed.  The foundation of our practice remains appropriately meeting the needs of each client, whether that client is an individual, or small business owner with a personal legal matter, or a  municipality or Fortune 500 company with a complex series of issues.  We counsel and advise our clients in many legal areas, including residential and commercial real estate, secured transactions, healthcare, estate and family wealth planning, environmental, legal ethics, contracts, business formation, governance and transactions. Each of our five attorneys has been practicing law in Connecticut for more than twenty years and takes pride in continuing our firm’s tradition of providing expertise and individual attention to every client.