Legal Ethics

The firm's legal ethics practice focuses on prevention by offering cost effective consultations to lawyers and firms who have questions or concerns involving Connecticut's Rules of Professional Conduct.

The goal is to prevent questions from becoming issues and to prevent issues from becoming grievances, claims or charges.  In addition to consultations with the goal of prevention, the legal ethics practice includes but is not limited to:

  1. expert testimony;
  2. opinion letters;
  3. seminars to train new associates and staff;
  4. advice on the relationship between legal ethics and technology;
  5. mediation of disputes involving lawyer conduct; and
  6. serving as ethics counsel to solos and small firms;
  7. consulting with non-lawyers about lawyer conduct

In offering these services, in addition to experience gained in consulting with and representing lawyers, the legal ethics practice draws on the following:

  1. twenty six years of experience on the CBA Committee on Professional Ethics including 7 years as Vice Chair and 4 years as Chair; and
  2. four years as Counsel to the Connecticut Federal District Court Grievance Committee
  3. an ongoing and active commitment to continuing education in the area of legal ethics